DREAMY Rattan Cloud
DREAMY Rattan Cloud
DREAMY Rattan Cloud


DREAMY Rattan Cloud

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The “DREAMY” rattan wall décor clouds are the latest must have styling accessory for your child's room or nursery. “Dreamy” is sized just right, measuring W16 x H10 Inch.
Create your dream nursery or boho wall with these cloud wall décor pieces by either hanging or leaning them. 
  • Premium, sustainable & organic rattan
  • Fair trade certified & handmade
  • Heirloom & timeless piece



Each and every single piece has natural imperfections that create it’s ‘one of a kind’ beauty, so you’ll never find another just like yours. Color will vary due to the nature of the rattan.

There are naturally dark brown, black and spotted blemishes on the rattan pieces and on the cane ribbon. This is a feature of the materials used, and part of using unique pieces of nature!