MY BEBE BASK ITEM IS NOT “PERFECT”, WHAT SHOULD I DO?  Every single item in the BEBE BASK® collection has been made by hand therefore, they do vary in size, weave, and color. Our collection is perfectly imperfect. Because they are natural they are like us people. We vary from person to person. The variances do not in any way affect the usability of the products and is not considered a defect. Some products can be improved by reading below. If you need assistance, reach out to support@bebebask.com

MY RAW/ROSA/DOLLY SEAGRASS BASKET IS MISSHAPEN. WHAT SHOULD I DO? The baskets are 100% handmade in Vietnam and take about 1-2 days to complete. They travel on cargo ships for months before they reach our US warehouse to be distributed thought the country. The seagrass baskets can get some pressure to them during this process and might need to be reshaped. If you need assistance, reach out to support@bebebask.com

HOW DO I RESHAPE MY SEAGRASS BASKET? Your seagrass item can be reshaped like this: 1. Submerge/shower it in hot water. 2. Get it completely wet and reshape it with your hands. 3. Let it air/sun dry. -The result is magical!

MY SEAGRASS BASKET FEELS BRITTLE?  Seagrass is 100% natural and if kept in dry conditions it may get brittle. You can slightly spray it with a water so slightly give it more moisture or submerge in water to completely air dry. 

IS THE CHANGING BASKETS SAFE AND SAFETY COMPLIANT FOR BABIES?Yes, our changing baskets are safety tested and California Prop 65 compliant and contain no lead or harmful chemicals. Some of the changing baskets has higher sides than most other changing stations, however they are made in a natural material and shall be inspected by you before placing a baby in the basket. You may want to cover the sides of the changing basket with a muslin blanket for the very first weeks of your baby’s life.

CAN I BUY THE INCLUSIONS FOR THE CHANGING BASKETS? Absolutely! Please email your request and mention what style basket it is for to hello@bebebask.com and we will invoice and ship whatever you need to make your set complete.

MY BASKET IS GREEN NOT YELLOW? Seagrass is a natural material and the color of the seagrass will change during the harvest season. If your basket has a slight green tint, it will get more yellow with time and you can speed up the process by leaving it in the sun.

MY SEAGRASS BASKET SMELLS, IS THIS NORMAL? Yes, the product is 100% natural. Seagrass has a sweet smell that will decrease with time. 

ARE YOUR PRODUCTS SAFE FOR MY CHILDREN? Our changing baskets and toy products are safety and California Prop 65 compliant and contain no lead or harmful chemicals.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I RECEIVE A DAMAGED ITEM? That’s no good! Please contact us immediately as all damages must be reported within 48 hours upon receiving your order. If you need assistance, reach out to support@bebebask.com

HOW DO I CLEAN THE SEAGRASS MATERIAL? The surface of the seagrass can be wiped with a damp cloth OR submerged in water then leave to dry in an open area.

HOW DO I CLEAN THE RATTAN MATERIAL? The surface of the rattan or seagrass can be wiped with a damp cloth, then leave to dry in an open area.

IF I JUST ORDERED SOMETHING AND THE PRICE IS NOW LOWER, CAN I GET A PRICE MATCH? We do not offer price adjustments on any items. Please reach out to us at support@bebebask.com if you have any further questions. 

HOW DO I LEAVE A REVIEW? Leaving a review is as simple as finding the product you would like to review and scrolling down to the review section at the bottom of the page. From there select the "Write Review" button and fill out the form. You are welcome to leave as many reviews as you would like.

DO YOU WHOLESALE? Would you like to get first in line to offer BEBE BASK® in your store? Please email Linn at hello@bebebask.com